5 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

I’m assuming that if you are a Netflix-junky like most of those living in first world countries, then you could probably call yourself a binge-watcher as well. Some TV shows I found on Netflix were fine and dandy, but I didn't catch myself in a never-ending day of streaming with every series I stumbled upon.... Continue Reading →

what it’s really like to work abroad

“Wow! You’re so young and living the dream!” “ “You’re living in places most people never even visit!” “Cherish these memories!” All of the above are valid comments I receive when I come home for visits between the “how are you”s and the “we miss you”s. And this post is in no way discrediting the... Continue Reading →

monday morning jams

Like most people, I’m not a Monday person; nor am I morning person. I need a solid 15-minutes of “No Talking” when I wake up, coupled shortly after with a nice, warm latte. Starting my day off on the right side of the bed is directly correlated with how my morning goes, and to kick... Continue Reading →

wedding planning on a budget

Alrighty - as most of you know, I will be getting married soon (in about six-and-a-half months !!!) and Bradley and I are funding most of our wedding ourselves - because, well, we are adults and our parents aren’t made out of money. And neither are Bradley and I, to be honest, so we decided... Continue Reading →

are you drinking enough water?

Chances are, if you are like the average person on the planet, the answer to that question is a “no”. As summer is quickly approaching, the dreaded heat that comes along with it can easily turn outdoor activities into a sweaty, fatigued mess. Drinking enough WATER  (juices, teas, coffees, or sodas don't count) is essential in... Continue Reading →

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