the one behind a s h e l l a x o

Hello lovelies – welcome to  a s h e l l a  x o . 

I am excited to get this thing up-and-running and appreciate whoever takes the time to read me fumbling through the beginning phases of documenting my thoughts and adventures. What I want most out of this site is for it to be truly authentic and real, and to create a safe space of empowerment through life; I want this to be an open invitation for conversation and friendships.

Now that we have my sappy “mission statement” out of the way, WELCOME!

It might be slightly important for you to know a little bit of background about the person behind ashellaxo before embarking on this adventure with me, so read on, if you will.

I am #blessed to have a mother who understands my love for entertainment – plays, musicals, movies, TV shows, etc. – and who financially supports our family endeavors of marathoning through Netflix like we have no tomorrow.


Of all the TV shows out there, there are a few of my favorites that have made me who I am today. I would like to thank

Gilmore Girls for introducing me to Lauren Graham and validating my love of coffee.

giphy (1)

Parenthood for making sure I was an emotional wreck at all times and continuing my love for Lauren Graham.

giphy (4)

and last but not least, Modern Family for never letting me get through an episode without a cackle-laugh. (Thanks, Phil.)

giphy (3)

Growing up in the southern midwest, I was surrounded by cows, farms, and more cows – dirt has never really been my thing. As soon as I could, I got the heck out of dodge and ended up following some princesses out to the brand new Shanghai Disneyland. 

giphy (5)

My love of Disney is almost as extreme as my love for pugs. I might have a problem, but I’m not worried about it yet.

giphy (7)

And most importantly, I am happily engaged to the yin to my yang. Like they say, opposites attract! Honestly though. I don’t know how it works sometimes, but it does.

giphy (8)

So yeah, I’m Ashley. The one behind ashellaxo.

giphy (9)

a s h e l l a  x o

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