#Beauty&TheBeast live-action edition

If you know me in the slightest, you know that Disney is a giant part of my life. From growing up with their classic animated tales, to hopping from country-to-country working for their theme parks, my life nearly revolves around Disney magic. The latest Disney magic that made its way to the big screen ended up pleasantly surprising me.

While on our week-long trip to Bangkok, Bradley and I knew we couldn’t wait any longer to see the newly-released, live-action adaption of Disney’s “Beauty & The Beast”, so we took a break from our meandering to stop by the closest movie theater. While Cinderella is my all-time favorite princess in every way, after seeing both live action adaptions, Cindy might need to look out.

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I was blown away by the majestic cinematography in the live-action adaption of Cinderella – enough to simply overlook the differences between it and its animated counter-part. I enjoyed the background on Cinderella’s mother and father, as well as the expanding on the prince’s (Kit’s?) life in the kingdom, but at times I felt as though it might have been more meaningful for viewers if Disney had kept the plot line’s details more aligned with the original animated classic, (please don’t hate me).

What I appreciated most about B&TB was how closely it resembled the animated version, only expanding on the things that needed more explanation; adding in subtle expansion on the character’s backstories helped reaffirm the already-existent emotional attachment from the animated B&TB. Paired with yet again breath-taking cinematography, I was both emotionally and mentally in awe of the film.

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I have heard a lot of differing opinions over whether Emma Watson was the right choice in playing Belle – whether it be her singing voice, character choices, or what-have-you. Personally, her rawness in the film is what I liked most.

As a previous sceptic of B&TB (again, don’t hate me), I was intrigued to see if the live-action remake could win me over as a Belle-fanatic. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a strong connection with Belle as a child and I am sad that it took me this long to relate to her. I found through Emma’s portrayal of Belle that I finally was able to see Belle the way she was meant to be seen all along.

After growing up in a very small town myself, and having differing life views from most people I grew up around, I finally found my connection with Belle as a person instead of just another Disney princess. Whether or not another actress could have done a better job, I was thankful for Emma’s realness that she brought out in Belle that made it easy for me to empathize with.

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I remember a lot of controversy over Lily James’ waist-line when Cinderella’s remake was released in 2015, and just like Cinderella, there was much controversy over Beauty & The Beast’s LeFou and his sexual orientation. Regardless of your stance on either issue, Disney movies are intended to teach lessons if you look long enough at the bigger picture. Whether you loved Beauty & The Beast’s, or even Cinderella’s, live-action remake or not, Disney movies still do what they have always done best by giving us all of the feels, every. single. time.

Between the moment of Cinderella forgiving her stepmother, to the Beast professing his love through song at the top of his tower, valuable lessons are to be learned by everyone through these remade fairytale stories. I implore you to look beyond the facade of tragedy when the media strikes with bold accusations against the intentions of Disney’s films and search for the deeper message in each magnificently crafted story they tell.

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What did you like or dislike about the Beauty & The Beast live-action remake?

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