#SundayFunday & why you need sunshine


Self-love is something I am passionate about – whether it be through taking the reigns on your eating habits, kicking it up a notch in your fitness routine, learning a bomb-ass new makeup tutorial, or finding a way to shake the weekday-blues. Therefore, Sundays are a great day to get some good vibes going – especially since you are probably getting ready to start a new work week. 

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This Sunday, let’s talk about one thing that can keep just about everyone feeling good… SUNSHINE.

Ever wonder why after a long bout of cloudy, winter days you feel like an exhausted sourpuss? Light is thought to increase serotonin levels, while darkness triggers the brain to make the hormone called melatonin. Therefore, lack of serotonin and increased melatonin can cause sleepiness and low moods throughout the day.

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While UV rays can be dangerous after a certain extent, if you have been feeling sleepy, depressed, or anxious lately, some rays could benefit your body’s natural serotonin production to keep you feeling fierce and motivated all week long.

It is said the 5-15 minutes of sun exposure to your skin a few times a week is enough to benefit your mood drastically! If you’re needing a nice little mood-booster, get out this week by riding a bike, picnicking, or heading to your nearest park (or if your lucky enough, beach). As the transition from April showers to May flowers begins, take the time to enjoy some sunshine and smell the roses – your body will thank you!

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