how to help students become successful adults – pt. two

Part Two – helping students become successful adults

Getting right back into helping our students succeed, last post I dove into topics like mental health, nutrition, workplace behavior, and proper communication – today, I have four more topics at hand that could potentially develop our students into the adults they need to be in today’s “real world”.


In the world of social media, everyone has an opinion – some may argue with me that everyone is entitled to that opinion, but I don’t necessarily agree. I believe people are entitled to their opinion so long as they have researched their reasoning and have facts to back up their opinion. This is where debate comes in handy – not only does it teach students how to properly form an opinion using logic and reasoning, but by using research and facts to explain themselves. On top of molding educated, worldly adults, debate also aids students in viewing an issue from a different perspective due to students having to defend a side of an issue that they don’t necessarily agree with. Debate seems to be a fading extracurricular activity that needs a reboot in popularity.

World Knowledge and Politics

Hand-in-hand with debate, learning how our world of governments work for or against each other will help change the American ideals from an “all about America” perspective, to one that is inclusive of humanity as a whole. Teaching our students how America’s decisions affect other countries, how other governments provide for their people, and examples of education curricula from all over the world can broaden the horizons for creating better policies. Educating our future voters of America will help build a government that has more successes than failures. When we start to see other countries’ successes as victories for all, not just threats, we will in turn be creating a more peaceful planet.


Building a budget has always been difficult for me, but I have a sneaky feeling I’m not the only one. While everyone’s budget varies based on different expenses, I truly wish I could’ve had a short run-through of what to expect while in college, after college, and going into buying things like cars. Something most colleges won’t talk through with students is student loans and repayment. How does it work? Honestly, I still really don’t know. What I do know is that they gladly take my money. Between having three-plus different types of insurance to cover each month, rent, utilities, car payments, gas, cell phone plans, and student loan payments, plus survival expenses like food, a budgeting course for our future adults could help minimize the average amount of debt outside of student loans and aid in a “live within your means” mentality.

Building Credit

Along with budgeting, teaching students responsible usage of credit cards and how to build credit will set them up for success in taking out car loans or home loans in the future. I didn’t realize how little I knew about credit until Bradley and I started looking at homes to rent and I realized that I had no idea what my credit score even was! Yikes. Adulting is a work-in-progress.

While I know there are so many things our teachers are battling to teach the future generation of leaders properly, we have to be vigilant in finding our weaknesses and where we are falling short for our students. Not only are we falling short for our students, but for our teachers who work tirelessly to give everything they have to the children they have in their classrooms – and time and time again our political leaders continue to take from them. We are only as good as how we prepare for our future – and students are the future.


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