monday morning jams

Like most people, I’m not a Monday person; nor am I morning person. I need a solid 15-minutes of “No Talking” when I wake up, coupled shortly after with a nice, warm latte. Starting my day off on the right side of the bed is directly correlated with how my morning goes, and to kick off good-morning-vibes, I like to have some music to get ready to as I go about my routine. Here are the songs on my usual morning lineup:

1. Waving Through a Window //  Ben Platt; Dear Evan Hansen


Taking home SIX Tony Awards this past Sunday, including Best Musical and Best Original Score, this song KILLS ME EVERY TIME. The perfect balance of upbeat and raw. Cuts right to heart of issues like anxiety and depression and you can’t help but feel. Basically everyone should listen to this soundtrack as a whole. Ben Platt is a talented super-human and damn – you deserve that Tony and more!

2. Bibia Be Ye Ye // Ed Sheeran; Divide

Untitled 3

Eddy boy, you’ve got my heart. This song makes me wanna dance around my living room like no one is watching. I’m in my latest cafe right now where I go to write my posts, and this table beside me is being the MOST loud and obnoxious and drunk – it’s 5:45 PM. But you know what? I put my headphones in and I am jamming to this beachy tune – and it is the only thing keeping me from losing my sh**. Bless you, Ed.

3. How Far I’ll Go // Alessia Cara; Moana Soundtrack

Untitled 2

This song is fantastic in every way – both the original and the Alessia Cara remix. More beachy vibes + girl power = start to a #girlboss type of day. I’m all about Disney’s newest Polynesian Wayfinder taking over after the past few years of nothing but ice (side-eye at you, Frozen – love ya, but it’s time to chill… #punsforlife).

4. Bang Bang Bang // BIGBANG; Made

Untitled 4

A little K-Pop for your morning never hurt – thanks to my Chinese coworkers for turning me onto this genre of music because I’m a little obsessed. South Korean boy band BIGBANG are making waves and it’s not just in Asia! Want a fist-pumping type of morning? Give them a listen.

5. Despacito // Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee (ft. Justin Bieber); Single


Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved latin music. One of the first cassette tapes I ever owned was none other than Selena’s Amor Prohibido (RIP, Queen). This song has been on repeat in the break room thanks to some of my girls at work and I’m not even mad. I don’t know if you see a trend here, but I love songs that make me think of the beach.

6. SEVE // Tez Cadey; Single


Never would have heard this song if it weren’t for my Chinese coworkers and Disney’s mandatory warm-ups – but again, not mad about it. I’ve never minded music I can’t understand and I think that’s the point – expression through music goes beyond language barriers. You can feel how you want to feel by the creativity of sounds you hear, and I think that’s pretty amazing.

a s h e l l a  x o

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