Nine-Day Long-Distance Relationship Challenge

If you’ve been on Pinterest any time lately, you might have stumbled across a handful of “30-Day Relationship Challenges” of varying types. There are so many ways to make your loved one feel as if they are a priority in your life, but adding long-distance to the mix can get tricky. I was a bit disappointed when I couldn’t find any “Long-Distance Relationship Challenges” but thought I would take some ideas and adjust them to fit my needs and create my own.

This week, Bradley are counting down the days until my visit to the States – T-Minus NINE days!!! – and thought a Nine-Day Long-Distance Challenge could help us connect in new ways to build the excitement for our reunion! So I thought I’d share with y’all as well – here we go!

  1.  Thank-You Email
  2. Memes!
  3. Date-Night Bucket-List
  4. Blast From The Past
  5. Playlist of Love
  6. Date Night/Morning
  7. Voice Message
  8. Watch Your Mouth
  9. #Goals


DAY ONE – A Thank-You Email

Bradley’s Love Language is strongly Physical Touch – and with distance making that completely impossible, I often times disregard his second strongest love language – Words of Affirmation. Between differing time-zones and conflicting work schedules, finding the time to truly appreciate one another’s gifts in the relationship is a necessity in making each other feel loved even from thousands of miles away. Take the time to reflect on your partner’s strengths and thank them for their thoughtfulness in all the ways they show you their love.

DAY TWO – Memes!

The internet has its faults, but memes, IMO, are not one of them. I love finding funny pictures and memes on the internet that accurately portray how I feel in certain situations, and there are plenty of relationship memes out there! Save up as many as you can find, and send them to your loved one throughout the day to put a smile on their face and let them know you are thinking of them.

DAY THREE – Date-Night Bucket List

When distance is no longer an issue, date-night is full of endless possibilities! If you know where the two of you will be living after being apart, look up fun ideas and outings for the two of you to share in your city or town – or if the final destination for the two of you is still TBD, use the cities you are living in and find date ideas for your next visit, or pick a city the two of you hope to end up in one day. Create a list of five or so dates and share with each other on your next FaceTime date.

DAY FOUR – Blast From The Past

Find a picture from when the two of you first began dating and recount to your partner how you were feeling at that time in your relationship. Remind them of that day, what happened, the funny moments and thoughts going through your head at the time, and how far you both have come since that moment in time. In a long-distance relationship, sometimes it can feel as though the relationship’s growth is stunted – which can be so very frustrating when being challenged by all life has to throw at you both. Looking at the progress you have made with each other is a warm-fuzzy reminder that you both have grown together and as individuals.

DAY FIVE – Playlist of Love

Music says what we can’t always express with our own words – make your partner a playlist of specific songs that you associate with them or memories you’ve made together, like:

  • First Kiss
  • The First “I Love You”
  • Relationship Theme Song
  • Your Partner’s Theme Song
  • The Beginning Stages
  • The Moving Away
  • The Now

DAY SIX – Date Night (Morning)

This is pretty self-explanatory – thank the Lord for FaceTime! We tend to have our dates on my Monday mornings which is Bradley’s Sunday night – I’ll go to a coffee shop and he’ll go to Pizza Hut and we talk as if we are actually with each other on a date. Remember that Date-Night Bucket List? Bring it along and use it to get the conversation flowing!

DAY SEVEN – Voice Message

Technology is great, amiright? As you go about your day, and something happens that makes you think of your partner, send them a voice message about it right then and there. It’s so easy to forget those little things that happen by the time you both are able to talk, but sending those little messages throughout the day say “I’m thinking of you even when we can’t talk” – which would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

DAY EIGHT – Watch Your Mouth

It is so easy to forget that the words coming out of our mouths can be so harsh to our loved ones – more so than anyone else – but it should actually be the opposite. Pay extra special attention how you are speaking to your partner today – speak words that are uplifting, respectful, and kind ONLY. This should be a way of thinking every day, but today work especially hard to find where you fall short in speaking to your partner so you both can continue building each other up in your relationship.

DAY NINE – #Goals

Make time to speak on the phone (or better yet, FaceTime) and share with each other your goals for the next few months to a year. As a long-distance couple, it’s so easy to miss big changes with your partner and their wants for the future. Sit down and listen to what your partner has to say about their goals in your relationship and what they want to work on, career aspirations, hobby/creative outlet goals and milestones that have been reached, and things to hold each other accountable for over the next few months. Keeping each other in check and in-the-loop with goals creates a powerful couple made of two indestructible individuals. Learning how to navigate life while racing towards goals together is hard, but so rewarding.

While I created this specifically catering to the needs of those in a long-distance relationship, this can be used by anyone in any kind of relationship. Working on the things as a couple is never over, no matter if you’ve been together five months of 50 years.

How do you and yours make your relationship work when life hands you challenges, such as distance, excessive workloads, or mental illness?

a s h e l l a  x o

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