dating a performer 101

As a performer myself, I have never truly dated another performer and have noticed quite an interesting dynamic between performer and non-performer relationships. They say opposites attract, and that they do! But sometimes it can create some unintentional chaos in a simple, well-meaning conversation. A lot of artistically talented people tend to be more sensitive and/or... Continue Reading →

back to the (clothing) basics

hey ladiessss This past week has been full of new and exciting things in my work-place, which also involves actually having to dress up for work. How do normal people do it everyday?! I remember being in high school/college where my wardrobe revolved around the current styles of the season - it was ever-changing and... Continue Reading →

#SundayFunday & why you need sunshine

Self-love is something I am passionate about - whether it be through taking the reigns on your eating habits, kicking it up a notch in your fitness routine, learning a bomb-ass new makeup tutorial, or finding a way to shake the weekday-blues. Therefore, Sundays are a great day to get some good vibes going - especially since you... Continue Reading →

let’s talk about IUDs

Sexual health and awareness is a topic that NEEDS to be talked about, so let’s talk about a form of birth control called an IUD. *Disclaimer* Men - if you think this topic does not pertain to you, you are wrong. This topic pertains to anyone who has gone through puberty. Now that we’ve gotten that... Continue Reading →

#Beauty&TheBeast live-action edition

If you know me in the slightest, you know that Disney is a giant part of my life. From growing up with their classic animated tales, to hopping from country-to-country working for their theme parks, my life nearly revolves around Disney magic. The latest Disney magic that made its way to the big screen ended... Continue Reading →

life in transition

I have never felt more like an adult than I have the past few months. Since Bradley and I got engaged, we have had curveballs thrown at us left and right and more hoops to jump through than any other time in our lives. Between all of the curveballs and hoops, we are trying to navigate... Continue Reading →

when in china

March 19th was my one-year anniversary of living in China, and although I spent that day in Bangkok, it was nice to reflect on the year and what has changed since I first arrived. Adjusting to a move of any sort can be frustrating at times - unpacking into a new space, finding out where... Continue Reading →

the one behind a s h e l l a x o

Hello lovelies - welcome to  a s h e l l a  x o .  I am excited to get this thing up-and-running and appreciate whoever takes the time to read me fumbling through the beginning phases of documenting my thoughts and adventures. What I want most out of this site is for it to be truly... Continue Reading →

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